• Free Legal Help

    Community Law Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation which works to reduce and remove barriers to the law. We provide quality, free legal help to people in Canterbury and the Grey and Westland Districts, who face barriers in accessing justice.

    Community Law Canterbury offers a general legal advice service as well as specialist advice and information services. We do not give advice over the phone and do not advise in commercial matters or give advice to landlords or employers.

Who is CLC?
Community Law Canterbury (CLC) is one of 24 community law centres around New Zealand.

We are a member of Community Law Centres o Aotearoa and the Community Law Centres Coalition, but each law centre is independent.

CLC has over 30 full time and part time staff. This includes administration staff, community liaison, educators, finance, law clerks, lawyers, and management.
What do we do?
In general we can help with:

• Information by phone and email on most areas of law
• Advice on areas of law that don’t fall into the list below of things we can’t do
• Limited ongoing work for people who met our eligibility criteria
• Specialist advice in the areas of youth, resource management, and employment
• Education seminars
• Information, leaflets, and resources

In general we can’t
• Give a second opinion where a lawyer is already acting for you
• Give advice over the phone or by email, but we can give you information
• Provide on-going work where legal aid is available
• Advice to landlords
• Advice to employers
• Advice to traders or businesses (including contractors)
• Conveyancing
• Company law
• Preparation and execution of wills or trusts
• Preparing or signing Enduring Power of Attorney documents
Expertise and experience
Our staff have expertise and experience in a number of areas of law, including but not limited to the following:
• benefit rights
• criminal law
• family law
• earthquake issues
• resource management
• human rights
• privacy
• youth law
• neighbour disputes
• consumer
• tenancy
• employment
• accident compensation
• health, disability and mental health


(03) 366 6870

198 Montreal Street, Christchurch