specialist services



Community Law can advise on a variety of legal issues including Care of Children, Protection orders, Dissolution, Separation, Welfare Guardianship, and Enduring Power of Attorney. We are unable to advise on Relationship Property matters.

If you have family court forms or documents we have a specialist Family Legal Advice Clinic on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30pm until 6 in the Christchurch Justice and Emergency Precinct (Tuam Street entrance A2) that can assist you with completing and filing court orders. This service is run with support from the Family Court registrars.


Community Law Canterbury’s ACC Team offers legal services at all stages of the ACC process. This service can offer a range of legal support including information, advice and/or assistance to clients for matters with ACC. Our specialist Team can provide support from answering general questions, through to issues with ACC decisions, reviews and appeals in the District Court. General enquiries for support from this service can be sent to admin@canlaw.org.nz and attentioned to the ACC Team.


We have a team specialising in youth issues who are dedicated to assisting problems facing youth. We have a team of trained volunteers who can attend Board of Trustee suspension meetings who can go as support to ensure the student has a voice. See our education page for our specialist youth education.


People with disabilities often face barriers to accessing justice. We have a disability issues advisor who can directly assist clients. We can also facilitate legal education for people with disabilities, their carers, whānau, and people working in the sector. We can help with problems including accessing education for students with special education needs, reasonable accommodation in employment, housing problems, Work and Income issues, welfare guardianship and property orders, the Mental Health Act, and discrimination based on disability. We may be able to help in other areas too, so if you have a legal problem related to your disability, or the disability of someone you support, get in touch you can call the office or email michelle.lomax@canlaw.org.nz

volunteer sector services.

The Voluntary Sector Service supports local charities and not-for-profits with their legal needs. Thanks to the support of The Rātā Foundation and donations from clients, the service is able to provide information, education, advice and/or assistance on legal issues relevant to community groups. As with all our services there is some criteria for advice and assistance, but general enquiries from local groups are welcome and can be sent to admin@canlaw.org.nz


We have a dedicated Kaupapa Maori Legal team. See the Kaupapa Māori page for more details.