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Nau mai Community Law Canterbury Te Ture Whānui o Waitaha

Community Law Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation which works to reduce and remove barriers to the law. We provide quality, free legal help to people in Canterbury and the West Coast, who face barriers in accessing justice. Community Law Canterbury offers a general legal advice service, information services, specialist advice, and education services.

Image: our 198 Montreal Street location

our general do’s and don’ts…

Because we are a Community Law Centre and a non-profit, naturally we have restrictions on what we can and can’t do.

In general we CAN ….

  • Give information by phone and email on most areas of law

  • Provide limited ongoing work for people who met our eligibility criteria

  • Offer specialist advice in the areas of youth, family, ACC, and employment

  • Provide education seminars

  • Supply information, leaflets, and resources

  • Assist with most statutory declarations, certified copies and affidavits.

In general we CAN’T….

  • Give a second opinion where a lawyer is already acting for you

  • Give advice over the phone or by email (but we can give you information)

  • Advise landlords

  • Advise employers

  • Advise businesses

  • Advise on relationship property or prenup agreements

  • Do conveyancing work

  • Advise on company/commercial law

  • Prepare and execute wills or trusts


contact us:

If you have a question please contact us through this form or the contact details at the bottom of the page.

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